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Selected Reported Decisions

In Cases Handled by Lawyers from Loughry and Lindsay, LLC

State v. Young, 448 N.J. Super 206 ( App. Div. 2017)

          Conviction reversed for charge of dissemination of confidential documents

State v. Antuna, 446 N.J. Super 595 (App. Div. 2016)

          Post-conviction relief achieved for Sixth Amendment violation

Gormley v. Wood-El, 218 N.J .72 (2014)

         Civil Rights claim sustained when state-created danger violates Substantive Due Process

State v. Nunez-Valdez, 200 N.J. 129 (2009)

         Post-conviction relief achieved when trial attorney gave inaccurate advice as to immigration consequences of guilty plea

State v. J.B., 360 N.J. Super 346 (App. Div. 2003)

         Convictions reversed due to Fresh Complaint violation and state’s improper summation

In re Bayside State Prison Litigation, 190 F. Supp 2nd 755 (D.N.J. 2002)

         Eighth Amendment claims of excessive force during a prison lockdown sustained

State v. Soto, et. al., 324 N.J. Super 66 (Law Div. 1996)

         De facto policy of racial profiling on the New Jersey Turnpike found resulting in dismissal of indictments

Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics & Allied Workers Int. Union v. Wickes Companies, Inc., 243 N. J. Super (Law Div. 1990)

         Class action claim sustained against use of wrongful means in corporate takeover attempt leading to plant closings